Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fighting Dogs - Final stages

As this piece has drawn to a conclusion, I did feel that I needed some critical guidance so I contacted Jonathan and he really helped me with guidence to allow me to finish this piece.

Jonathan and I discussed the energy of the individuals within this piece, furthermore we talked about the position of the eyes of the individuals. Because I had concerns that the eyes of both individuals do not connect however after discussions, I have left the eyes because it causes more disfunction and displacement. Furthermore it creates a sense of the viewer being dragged into the situation.

I do feel that this piece is concluded, the energy and movement is successful for me personally, I am interested in extending the idea of movement and energy, and possibly aggression.
The reason I am interested in the idea of keeping the aggression within work is because after talking to Jonathan he did ask why the aggression which is so potent. I have realised that I am very stressed at the moment and actually this has been reflected within the painting in a positive reaction.

"Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war"

This is a quote that Jonathan has posted on the MA blog site and the link discusses the use of the word 'Dogs at war'  and how shakespear used this type of vocabulary to describe war, and the acts by soldiers, very interesting knowledge gained.  

Fighting Dogs - Continued work in Progress

Fighting Dogs - Work in Progress

I had to turn the painting to start the second figure.

Once I had achieved the facial structure of the second figure I was able to turn the painting back round. 

Fighting Dogs - work in progress

More photographs of the ongoing work in progress, expanding the painting in sections of the figures as well as the background around the figures.

Fighting Dogs - Work in Progress

I am including the photographs that reflect my work in progress.

Fighting Dogs

This is my new painting the idea came about because of comments made by the lecturers, and once again looking at situations that have happened.
When I first moved into the area I now live, fights would regulary outside my home, and these situations were loud, aggressive but also full of movement and a tangible energy, as well as power struggles, so I hope this piece is reflective of this.

I have changed how I have created the image, when considering the last painting I made, which is an interesting piece however I felt that the background compromised the figure, so I am working the background as well as the figures.