Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Acknowledging when a painting doesn't quite work

This painting isn't an actual failure, but it lacks the quality of the first painting, for some reason I have struggled to capture the uncomfortable essence for which the situation held for me.

When I started this particular piece I was very conscious of the fact that maybe the background was lacking in the last painting, however when I look at the last painting, the background works because the figure is so strong... so did the background lack?
Because in this piece I sketched out what I wanted to do I worked on the background to start with and I don't think the piece gels at all. It is not the worst painting I have ever painted but I found it a struggle to do and I believe that this struggle really shows.
I have decided to move away from this piece and start a new painting, what I do realise is that at times I do produce a really good painting and then struggle for a while and then another good piece will develop but it does take a few pieces to get there.